The Royal Perth

The Royal, at the corner of William and Wellington Streets, which has been closed for some years, opened with great fanfare just before Christmas and now is a prominent feature of the Raine Square redevelopment.

With a ground floor bar and another upstairs – along with a wonderful veranda where you can sit and watch the world, and Yagan Square, go by – and excellent café style food the Royal has become extremely popular in a very short space of time. And the signature restaurant fleur has now opened and from all reports and photos looks to be a cracker – but I haven’t made that yet, so this review centres on the bars and pub food tried there.

From the same stable as one of Perth’s best pubs, the Standard, you would expect good things and you will not be surprised to find that is just what you get. A snappy wine list and excellent, and innovative, food combine to make the Royal a must.

One of those excellent wines is the Strange Love rosé from Mon Tout – a blend of Karridale Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with a splash of Swan Valley Grenache. It is cloudy, salmon pink, aromas of strawberries and raspberries with crunchy tart flavours of cranberries, sour cherries and ginger. Great food wine.

Now the food – I had one of my dishes of 2019 at the Royal – a plate of pickled mussels which was sensational – unfortunately on my next visit it was no longer on the menu – hopefully it will come back!

The mussels were pickled in a vinegary, very spicy, garlicky marinade, served with a plump, sharply flavoured pickle and a mantou bun – it was superb – hurry back!!


A fabulous vegetarian dish – roasted cos heart with macadamia milk, nori, smoked radish and scattered pink peppercorns – great presentation, amazingly fresh flavours.


A succulent dish of ocean trout crudo – juicy fish, zesty wasabi, shimmering and colourful blood orange dressing.

Another excellent seafood dish was the charred octopus tentacles, tender and smoky served with sesame cream and white soy.

One of the great sandwiches of Perth in the form of a triple decker, slathered with cream cheese, filled to overflowing with assorted deli meats and accompanied by a red wine vinegar and caper dipping sauce.


And who would have through potato crisps could be so good? But these house made salt and vinegar delights with whipped garlic and chive dip will have you calling for more!


The Royal has quickly made a name for itself as one of Perth’s best dining and drinking destinations, and with their new restaurant open will only go on to greater heights.


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