The Rose and Crown Guildford

The Rose and Crown in Guildford is our “local” and we get along on a very regular basis – and enjoy sitting out in the fabulous beer garden when we can – it is in our view easily the best in Perth – and it is comforting that after the shut down things are getting back to a bit of normality. Certainly, the popularity is still high, the food as good as ever and with a nice selection of drinks. We have been along two or three times in the past few weeks and each time everything jelled perfectly.

One of the dishes that always tempts, especially in cooler weather, is the Steak and Guinness pie – with its rich and unctuous filling, in a flaky short pastry, sitting on a bed of wilted spinach, creamy mash, gravy, with crisp sweet potato chips – absolutely nailed this – excellent.

Along with this a pizza which I have enjoyed many a time – zucchini and cheese on a crispy base – light, great flavours, one of my favourites.

With this we enjoyed a bottle of rosé from Alkoomi –2020 White Label – a blend of Petit Verdot, Shiraz, Grenache, Tempranillo and Malbec – tart cherries and strawberries dominate the bouquet with a crisp flavours of pomegranate and strawberries on the palate.

With a great range of drinks, food that is a cut above the average pub fare and friendly staff it is a treat to sit around in such an historic site being the oldest pub in WA and the third oldest licensed premises in Australia.
The Rose and Crown is one of the gems of Guildford – it has so much going for it – good food and drink, superb historic surrounds, excellent staff – a friendly, welcoming pub.

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