The Island Brewhouse at Elizabeth Quay

The Isle of Voyage, on the little island at Elizabeth Quay in the relocated and quite enchanting Florence Hummerston Kiosk, has been rejigged and reinvented as the Island Brewhouse turning out a range of in-house brews.

On Friday, one of those wonderful warm autumn days we have been experiencing of late, I dropped by for lunch with a dining chum and found a table outside in the garden, looking back over the river to the quay – the view both ways is alone worth the visit, it really is a beautiful spot. And as expected it was very busy – with tourists in abundance along with office workers and many others beside.


This busyness, along with the unfortunate failure of all but one till delayed ordering quite a bit with a long line waiting to place a bid for food, and there was also a consequential long wait for the food to arrive – the wine we chose however was served at once so that helped us while away the time.

Victory Point Rosé is one of my favourite rosés from Margaret River – from the eye-catching label to the aromatic bouquet of strawberries and red apple skins through to the tart, dry flavours of raspberries and cranberries underlaid by a hint of spice, it really is a top class wine, a blend of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Malbec.


Anyway the food did arrive and both dishes satisfied – crab tagliatelle included a good whack of juicy crab meat, along with al dente pasta, a sprinkle of cheese and a wedge of lemon to zest it up.


Loaded nachos also was a good sized serve and the corn chips were slathered with sour cream, chilli tomato sauce, creamed avocado, melted American style yellow cheese, and a few jalapenos mixed through to grab your attention.

All in all pleasant, simple dishes – pity about the wait – but time does pass happily in such a setting. A special mention to the waiters – very friendly and welcoming and helpful. Will be back to try the beers!

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