The Bourbon Kitchen

One of the newer places we visited on our recent stay in Canberra was Bourbon Street Kitchen in the old Sydney Building in London Circuit. Inside it has a striking mural on one wall depicting New Orleans and Bourbon Street life, and across one side an attractive timber lined bar.

The menu, as you would expect, is a celebration of Southern US fare – with all of the dishes that make the cuisine of the South so famous – jambalaya, gumbo, ribs, smoked brisket, po’ boys, white gravy, corn bread, beignet and key lime pie.


Dropping in for lunch we started with a bottle of rosé while looking over the menu, choosing Louisiana gumbo and blackened fish. Both meals arrived promptly via our friendly and welcoming waiter.

The gumbo, a good sized bowl of rich tomato based soup pimped up with oregano, thyme, cayenne, small prawns, corn and deep fried okra – served over rice was all that Lady FWO wanted – just the right heat for her – for me I would have liked a tad more chilli heat – but hot sauce could always add that.


My blackened fish – a small barramundi – was more deep fried than the classic grilled or pan fried – but it did have a pleasantly smoky taste and the flesh was succulent and fell off the bone. Served with watermelon and cucumber it was not quite what I was expecting, but enjoyable nonetheless.


Only open a few weeks, Bourbon Street is still feeling its way, but the food we had was fine, well cooked, looked good on the plate – the waiters are professional, the look of the place with the artwork is welcoming, wine list was sound, all in all it is worth a visit.

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