The Bohème Bar

The Bohème at the corner of William and Murray is what was once the Wentworth Hotel, and later became Bobby Dazzlers. I used to frequent it as the Wentworth many years ago when it was a quite basic pub. It has been renovated and re-jigged in recent years and we went along Friday night. We were there only for a drink – waiting for someone to turn up on the train at the station across the road – and it was absolutely pumping – and this was relatively early – we barely found a spot inside.


The place has certainly been quite nicely done up – high tables, stools, and mid section with Chesterfields and low coffee tables; interesting light fitting in the centre; and tables and chairs on the footpath for those who prefer some air.


As far as the drinks list is concerned, Bohème has a variable wine selection – some good stuff intermingled with some very ordinary drops. I have never understood the fascination that some pubs have for Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling- in my mind a truly ordinary blend which only wastes good Riesling – and anything from Lone Fig is best avoided.


However, among the better wines those from Wills Domain, Rosily, West Cape Howe, Grace Farm and Leeuwin standout. We wanted rosé, but the only one available was Jacobs Creek – it is OK, not one of the best, but saw us through until we left to meet our friend. A re-assessment of the wine list would not go astray. There are some very good Rieslings and rosé wines around that would enhance the list no end.


However, they do have some pretty good beers on tap and by the bottle – Fat Yak, Little Creatures, Feral, Coopers and most of the James Squire range.

The food menu – basically what you would expect from a suburban pub – includes meatballs, empanadas, calamari, various pasta and pizza dishes, as well as steak sandwiches, burgers, fish and chips, and grilled steaks. I have had some of the snacks there on previous occasions and the dips and arancini are fine without being particularly notable.


Bohème provides live music and discos on some nights; and large screen TVs for sporting events line the walls waiting for the cricket World Cup or AFL Grand Final.

This place is a pub, no more, no less; it is obviously popular gauging by the number of people there, so it must be meeting its target market – we are just not part of it. It is fine if you want a quick drink, maybe a snack, but, for us, there are a lot better places not too far away.

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