S&T Thai

Up the top end of William Street S&T Thai has a friendly and welcoming feel about it and the food certainly is worth getting along there to try out. It is unlicensed but quick to supply glasses and ice buckets for our wine. The menu is extensive, covering the gamut of Thai cuisine, and all of the “usual suspects” crack a mention along with some not so well known.


For lunch on our most recent visit we began with their one of their pancakes – they really do these well – this time made with fried mussels – a plump, crusty fried cake full of plump mussels in a mix of flour, egg and chilli – crunchy, crisp and moist it came with a rather mild and sweet dipping sauce; it was a winner, for sure.


On to another well turned out dish – a couple of small fried mackerels, along with lettuce, peanuts, chilli, chopped lime and ginger, red onion, mint and sauce. The idea of course to get a piece of the fish, encase it in the lettuce and top with a mix of the accompaniments and a there you are a bite sized explosion of flavours. The chilli was at the top of end of spicy sending my dining companion into a paroxysm of spluttering, sweating and coughing – although it really wasn’t that hot – maybe something slipped down the wrong way!


Whatever, I enjoyed it immensely and if you do order, just try a little chilli to start to make sure you have the strength to cope.

The waiters are friendly and efficient, the food well turned out, and all in all a pleasant little spot and well worth a visit if you are looking for a little spice in your life.

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