Sauma – one of the best!

The food always impresses at Sauma, my pick as one of the top Indian restaurants around Perth, and our recent lunch did nothing to dissuade me from that opinion. The food is well turned out –the spices integrated and complementing each other and the ingredients, the dining area nicely fitted out and the waiters welcoming.
On this Sunday visit we decided to stick to the small street food selections – starting with a cheese naan, and then bindas bonda, chicken tikka and a kathi roll with paneer tikka.

The naan – the breads here are excellent, was charred, warm and filled with oozy melted cheese – excellent!
Binda Bonda – little balls of potato curry encased in a crisp chickpea shell, served with coconut and peanut chutney and a sprinkle of fried curry leaf, proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable and filling dish.

Chicken tikka, roasted in the tandoor, with chilli and ginger, served with mint and coriander chutney was another hit – juicy chicken, perfectly cooked with a pleasant chilli hit.

And the kathi roll – a fluffy naan topped with sliced cucumber, pickles, onion, mint chutney and chilli, along with tandoor roasted paneer – another classic Indian street dish and full of flavour, although we struggled to get through it all – for small dishes these are surprisingly filling!

Pierre et Papa rosé was our choice of beverage and as always hit the spot, aromatic and crisp, well suited to accompany the spice of India.
Once again our opinion of Sauma was vindicated – top notch Indian cuisine – and simply one of the best around.

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