Recipes to Remember

Following on the success of the launch of Roast to Remember last year, Community Vision’s fundraising campaign for people living with dementia, the Shoe Bar and Café hosted Recipes to Remember during the week.


A cookbook put together from recipes contributed by celebrities around town (all who have experience seeing loved ones suffering from this crippling and heartbreaking disease) with the sales to go towards keeping the community dementia bus running and expanding services to all in need, was the centrepiece of the launch.


With wine tastings from sponsor Millbrook Wines, and samples of the recipes cooked up in the Shoe kitchen, we heard from people living with dementia, Community Vision’s CEO and hosts Paul and Jo Higgins – it was indeed a launch to remember.


The recipe book is available from the website and is well worth getting hold of– try Vince Gareffa’s Roast Beef First Class, Raw Zesty Lime Slice from 6PR Weekend Breakfast announcer, Carmen Braidwood, the fabulous sausage rolls from the Shoe, Verity James’s Roasted Eggplant Parmi and many more – with even Mick Murray, Minister for Seniors getting in on the act with his Easy, Fun and Yummy Potato Fritters.


You get great recipes and help a very worthy cause at the same time.


Thanks to Devahasdin PR for the invitation.

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