One of my great pleasures – apart from eating and drinking – is reading and I have a particular preference for detective fiction; two of my favourite detectives are Donna Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti (who is based in Venice) and Michael Dibdin’s Aurelio Zen, also an Italian policeman. It seems that both these fellows spend an inordinate amount of their thinking, and investigative, time in bars sipping on caffe corretto, grappa and prosecco…..they seem to always solve the crime, so alcohol must work.


Anyway, on a warm summer’s day recently puzzling over something I was drawn to sit outside and think over a glass or two of prosecco and hopefully come up with a solution….so I went off to my local liquor store – Chateau Guildford – which has a wonderful array of wine and beer, and has especially a great range of WA wines, and purchased a bottle of Canella’s Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore NV.


Prosecco is an Italian dry sparkling wine, made mainly from glera grapes, and unlike champagne is produced by the Charmat method in which secondary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks – this makes it less labour intensive and hence cheaper to produce than champagne. It doesn’t age that well and is best consumed within three years of production; and is relatively low in alcohol compared to other sparkling wines. Prosecco is also known for its intense aromatics and crispness rather than the rich and complex flavours and aromas developed in a bottle of champagne.


Conegliano Valdobbiadene is the official title given to the best prosecco wines made in the Veneto region in north east Italy and comes from the two towns around which the vineyards grow.

As to the wine I tasted, the Canella is very light straw in colour, with a persistent bead, small bubbles continuing for an extended period. The nose has lifted notes of green apple and pear, while the palate has intense acidity and pronounced citrus tones, with a gentle hint of honey on the mid palate. It is wonderfully crisp and is silky smooth, a great aperitif as well as food wine.


As to my problem, well I forgot about it, taken away by the beauty of the wine – so it seems it works for me, too!


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    Ciao FWO
    Great write up, thank you, and glad you enjoyed the wine.
    The next shipment will be moving to vintage Prosecco DOCG – 2013
    Matt (importer of Canella )

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