Padbury’s Restaurant

Padburys, on the corner of Swan Street and Terrace Road, is housed in the historic Padbury House, with seating inside in a large warehouse type space and some tables outside on the footpath where they have recently installed new screens to separate the seats from the street.

While I was away last week Lady FWO took herself along to Padburys for lunch; her recounting of her experience forms the basis for this review. (Unlike some reviewers I wish to make it clear that I wasn’t actually there!)


The breakfast and lunch menu covers the usual suspects in relation to breakfast – eggs various ways, bacon, beans, hash, mushrooms, pancakes, banana bread, while the lunch dishes include steak sandwiches, fish and chips, garlic prawns, calamari and Lady FWO’s choice – Tiger Prawn Gamberi.

Linguini, with a tomato sauce, was topped with scattered prawns – a couple in the shell, a half dozen cooked with tail only – a dice of tomato, a few capers, chilli and garlic completed the meal. The pasta was well cooked, al dente style, the sauce clinging nicely to the strands, and similarly the prawns retained a pleasing firmness to the bite.


The dish comes in three heat ranges –mild, medium, hot – and while medium was requested the chilli component was largely lacking – needed a bit more zip and zing to give it the wow factor, Lady FWO thought.

With her meal Lady FWO sipped on a glass of West Cape Howe Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and one of Mrs Wrigley Grenache rosé. The wine list is small but lists a number of WA and local wines.


The white had lifted gooseberry and citrus aromas, while the palate exhibited tropical and stone fruit elements; it was crisp and elegant.

The rosé, an old favourite, showed its characteristic strawberry and raspberry bouquet, with fine acid on the palate boosting the crisp raspberry and cranberry flavours; pleasantly dry and refreshing.


Padbury’s turns out good, middle of the road comfort food using quality ingredients, has a nice ambience, and is friendly and welcoming. A more innovative menu would boost its attraction I think, but they seem to know their target clientele.

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