Northbridge Brewing Company

Right in the heart of Northbridge alongside the Piazza, looking over the green grass, the Northbridge Brewing Company, a brewery and pub, was the setting for an enjoyable lunch, catching the one sunny day this week.


We sat out of the shaded patio and indulged in a bottle of Vinaceous Right Reverend V Chardonnay – well it was International Chardonnay Day after all, and followed up later with a beer. The wine had those characteristics of WA chardonnay – stone fruit and citrus on the nose, with a whisp of toasted brioche, followed up by a juicy fresh palate full of peach and lemon flavours. Crisp, spot on drinking and a great match for our seafood choices.


The menu is geared towards standard pub food – fish and chips, burgers and sliders, pizza, wings, steaks, calamari – and on the day we dropped by a special of fresh yabbies – my dining chum grabbed at that opportunity, while I plumped for a starter of whiting which was just right for a light lunch.


The yabbies came with all the accoutrements to crack the shells and extract the sweet, juicy flesh – and with a bowl of garlic butter for dipping certainly hit the spot.


My grilled whiting fillets, crisp and tender, sat on a bed of chopped olive tapenade – mix of black and green – and was a hit from my point of view. A simple dish, yes, but full of flavour, salty, redolent of ocean and orchard – spot on plate of food.


A bowl of beer battered chips helped complete the meal.

Yep, the NBC is certainly a pleasant place for lunch, the food is good, the drinks fine, and the service prompt and full of smiles. Nice outlook, too.

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