Louder Louder

Louder Louder, a new Thai restaurant, opened this week in a Lake Street location that has been the site of many a different restaurant over the past few years – none lasting long- but on the basis of the food we tried and the service we experienced I think Louder Louder may just buck that trend.


It looks good inside – I particularly liked the stripping away of the ceiling to expose the corrugated iron roof – and the outdoor area on the porch, looking over the street, complete with umbrellas should be a very pleasant spot when the rain eventually stops and warm weather arrives – and the al fresco area will also be dog friendly I believe so you can bring along K9.


The wine list is small but quite schmick – RieslingFreak No 8, Snake and Herring “Bizarre Love Triangle” and Express Winemakers Riesling make the white list, while Rose Kentish Tempranillo Shiraz and Shobbrook Nouveau feature among the reds. We chose a bottle of Margaret River rosé from Si Vintners which is always a winner.

Taking the theme from the name the food is classified by megaphone notations – the more megaphones, the louder or in this case the spicier the dish – and I can assure you the 3 megaphone super spicy are exactly that – eye wateringly so!


As you would expect there are a range of noodle dishes, rice dishes, curries, Thai salads, soups and stir fries. All with the chilli notation to guide you.

So – to test the water we kicked off with super spicy squid salad – and gee it was certainly hot – beautifully tender squid tubes with coriander, basil, onion, carrot, fish sauce and chilli – this was an excellent if very tearful dish. So take note of the warnings – they actually do mean something.


Garlic fried rice was a welcome accompaniment to help ease the heat – well cooked with a very noticeable garlic component.

Our other dish was the whole grilled fish – tilapia a freshwater fish something like barramundi – was covered in a mildly spicy Thai herb mix and was tender and succulent without losing its firmness as can sometimes happen with this fish – another well turned out meal.


That about did us, but as it was their first day our waiter offered us a complementary dessert – and the pandan icecream was a delicious finale to our meal. Along with a glass of Credaro Cabernet Merlot.


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