Lamonts – a Swan Valley Oasis

Heading up to the Valley had been a no-go over the lockdown so once things got moving again it seemed the perfect excuse to get in the car and drive out to a couple of wineries, finishing up at Lamonts for lunch. Lamonts is one of our favourite spots to have a meal and drink in the Swan Valley – with both an al fresco area, under the gum trees, or inside tables adjacent to the sampling counter, and another café-blind enclosed room off to one side complete with patio heaters for cooler days.

And after a few days of cool and wet weather it was a pretty nice day – blue skies, sunny, a touch of warmth in the air and under trees at Lamonts made for relaxing and enjoyable lunch after so much despair. With a bottle of Bunyip rosé to hand we ordered and sat back to wait the arrival of the food – which was not a particularly long wait, even with the largeish crowd in attendance.

Slow cooked braised beef cheek on a celeriac mash was succulent and tender, while a plate of fried cauliflower with a spicy tahini sauce provided a touch of chilli heat. The cauliflower crisp, but tender at the core.

Buttermilk fried chicken with roast potatoes also hit the spot – the chook was juicy and well seasoned. For our little granddaughter, well fish and chips with tomato sauce to dip proved pretty popular!

I have spent many a happy hour at Lamonts over many years – before the restaurant, when the restaurant was in full swing before Kate moved onto other places, and now as the casual, café style place it is under Fiona’s guiding hand – the food is always quality, the wine top class, the staff pleasant, friendly, smiling and professional; it really is a top spot – as all in the Lamonts stable are. For me this is an absolute must if you are wandering around the Swan Valley.

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