Jezebelle on James St

Despite it being only a short walk from home for us, we hadn’t been to Jezebelle on James Street in Guildford with its tapas style menu for some time when we stopped by on the weekend.


We selected a table by the window at front looking onto the street and Alfred’s Kitchen across the road, and ordered a bottle of Spanish rosé which was on special -the La Purisma Estio is a blend of mourvèdre, shiraz and tempranillo, and is bright pink with aromas of raspberries and strawberries – savoury and dry on the palate – a pleasant food wine.

The menu is designed around small and large share plates – the dishes on offer however rarely change – a few new choices or specials to tempt would not go astray – and there is little choice for those not keen on meat, and especially pork. And even less that day as their seafood order had not arrived.


They had couple of quesadilla on that day – one with beans and the other beef so we ordered those – nothing else suited – but then our waiter persuaded the chef to send out a dish off the evening menu – fried zucchini tapa, and that rounded out our order.

Both quesadilla came as a couple of tortilla sandwiching on the one hand red beans and the other tender beef, and quartered. They are not particularly large dishes but were tasty, light and a good appetiser. We also had sliced chilli on the side – mild but it did give an extra dimension.

The tapa – charred bread with a hint of garlic, piled high with fried zucchini, fetta and herbs was a good sized dish and satisfied any remaining hunger pangs.

Jezebelle has loads of promise but for me the menu never quite meets the mark – a little more choice would be good, as would a regular turnover of some dishes to keep the interest up – and a few more wines by the glass.

Having said that the waiters at Jezebelle are friendly and helpful – as attested to by the help ours provided by getting something for us from the evening menu – the food is pleasant, without being particularly innovative, and the outdoor area at back is great in warmer weather. Worth a visit.

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