Jerry Fraser at Lot 20

Bon vivant and oyster shucker extraordinaire, Jerry Fraser  has landed at Lot 20 displaying his array of oysters, his shucking skills and his repartee each Wednesday from 3pm and on Friday from midday and we couldn’t be happier!


Well I couldn’t be; the good Lady FWO has never been a great oyster fan – growing up in the Mallee in the late ‘60s, oysters were as rare as hen’s teeth and only those from a can or animelles emanating from unfortunate ex-male lambs were likely to be found. No wonder she has always looked askance at the splendid little molluscs. Anyway, having heard of Jerry’s impending appearance, we were heading back to the Perth rail station on Wednesday, when I spotted Jerry just setting up shop and even though we had already eaten and drunk our fill, swung into Lot 20 to see what was on offer and perhaps a last glass of wine…..


Jerry had two types on show yesterday– very large oysters from South Australia and some more typically sized from Tassie. He said that by Friday he would have the absolutely amazing Albany Rocks…these are a favourite of mine, creamy, and so very delicious…and of course West Australian. I ordered a 6 pack – three of each – and lovely they were…the salty, metallic taste of the ocean cascading over my taste buds – I prefer them au naturel but there are a number of Jerry’s exceptional dressings if you prefer.


I even managed to persuade Lady FWO to have one of the smaller Tasmanians…she nibbled at it warily but I don’t think I have actually convinced her of the joy of a great oyster…oh well, always more for me!


We also had the pleasure of running into Justin, a fellow food blogger who was chatting to Jerry…as well as writing knowledgeably about food, he has just started walking food and drink tours of the city – these sound interesting and well worth a look; we also discovered he is an expat from my old home town…so he must be OK. If you are an oyster lover then you should do yourself a favour and run along to Lot 20 (one of the best small bars around town) get stuck right in…I had an excellent 3 Drops Riesling with mine and the beautiful limey notes of the wine were a perfect companion. Next time I will go there first so I can savour at least a dozen.

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