Inglewood Monday Night Markets

The popular Monday Night Markets in Inglewood return for 2018 on Monday September 24th and run every Monday night (except for Christmas Eve and New Year Eve) until April 29th next year.

50 to 60 vendors are expected each night, and as well many of the Beaufort Street retailers will open their doors – including Jessie’s Curry Kitchen, Il Pasto, A Fish Called Inglewood, Billie and Rose, La Luna and Black Pig Deli.

Crowded Bar image

Running between 6th and 10th Avenue there will be stalls and food trucks selling the cuisine of many countries, including Thailand, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, India, Morocco, Turkey and Japan – as well Wendy’s Jazz Bar will have tables and chairs set up for customers to sit, eat and hear cool music – a Pop Up Bar selling craft beer, cider and wine is also planned.

Other attractions during the season include a fashion show, a talent show, a dog show – yes the Markets are dog friendly –and next year an Easter egg hunt.

Get more details from the Market’s Face Book page

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