Hongkies – a taste of Hong Kong in Northbridge

Another of the places I have missed over the lockdown period is Chinese restaurant, Hongkies, which specialises in food with a Hong Kong twist, as well as influences of Britain and Portugal, especially, shining though. I have always experienced very good food at Hongkies – and the welcome from Flora and Jeanette adds to the ambience.
They have a small wine list – or BYO is OK too – we were happy to see a pleasant Cabernet on the list – Chateau Tanunda – smooth and medium bodied and with plenty of plummy characteristics – went down well with our food.

First off, a speciality of the house – dumplings –steamed prawn and chives – were nicely gelatinous, with juicy prawns and chopped chives inside. A bowl of chilli oil to dip added to the zestiness.

Then a plate of tender squid along with lightly cooked broccoli with garlic and soy – crunchy, fresh vegetables, salty and aromatic.

And last but by no means least, diced King prawns with noodles, green onions and topped with shredded omelette. Lots of fresh flavours, the chilli oil adding a touch of spice to this also.

It was great to see that Hongkies had lost nothing in the way of good food and value for money during the closures – I will be back soon and so should you.

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