Friday Drinks with the FWO

Well how quickly that week went past …… so here are some more excellent wines I recommend you try! You will not be disappointed.


Yetti and the Kokonut 2017 Mt. Savignan

Made from Savagnin it is opaque and cloudy with flor fino oxidized aromas overlaying apples and pears; tart, crunchy, the palate has overtones of scrumpy cider…loved it. Pouring this at the wonderful No Mafia in William Street.

Pheasants Tears 2016 Kisi

Rip snorter of a skin contact wine – made from Kisi a Georgian grape I had never encountered before it is cloudy orange with some flor characters on the nose, along with aromas of dried peaches and pears. Grippy tannins and salty notes zip alongside those self-same pear flavours and a touch of apricot. Well worth a taste at Shadow Wine Bar.

Frankland Estate Rocky Gully 2016 Riesling

Lemon blossom bouquet with juicy lemon and lime flavours. A well turned out Great Southern Riesling which, of course, makes it one of the best.

Small Fry Tangerine Dream 2017 Field Blend

One of the more interesting wines I have tried Tangerine Dream from Small Fry Wines in the Barossa. Blend of Semillon, Pedro Ximenes, Riesling, Roussane and Muscat. Cloudy with a bouquet of dried citrus peel and raisins; the palate is quite grippy with more of that raisiny note overlaid by sour orange and some salty hints. Had this initially at the top Melbourne bar, Cookie, and was so impressed I ordered some from the winery.

Indreams 2015 Pinot Noir

A delightful Yarra Valley Pinot Noir from In Dreams. Cherries and redcurrants on the nose with just a waft of mushrooms to tantalise. The palate vibrant, full of sour cherry and raspberry flavours, earthiness on the mid palate and finishing with strong nutmeg spice. Came as part of a regular Wine Selectors delivery.

Victory Point 2017 Rosé

Made from Pinot Noir, a bright translucent pink in colour with an aromatic bouquet of crushed cherries and rose petals leading on to flavours of cranberries and pomegranates; tart acid, crisp and refreshing. Spot on! Another top rosé – and sent as a tasting sample by owner Judith Berson.

Greenway 2017 Grigio

Was very impressed by this Pinot Grigio from the Hunter’s Greenway Wines. Pale onion skin blush and a bouquet picking up the characteristic pear aromas together with some hints of rose petals and a little waft of lemon blossom. Gorgeous crisp palate of crunchy Granny Smith apples and a lingering citrus note. Superb summer drinking! Bought on-line from the winery.

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