Fremantle Frolics

Fremantle is more and more becoming the centre of the dining experience in the metro area with so many outstanding new places opening over the past year or so, even taking into account the travails of the lockdown of 2020. We paid a visit a weekend ago to three of the more recent launches – Emily Taylor, the Republic of Fremantle and Old Faithful.
Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor, a ship that plied the spice trade bringing all manner of delights to Australia, is the inspiration for this brilliantly conceived venture adjacent to the Fremantle Markets and behind the old barracks that have been re-imagined as a stunning new hotel, Warders.
With an open bar and dining room, as well as outdoor eating and drinking area, this is an attractive and alluring restaurant, serving up Asian inspired dishes with panache and flair.

With a neat and well put together drinks list, this is a place that deserves your attention.
A couple of dumpling dishes absolutely nailed it – one of lobster and Manjimup truffle and another of Shark Bay scallops with cucumber, chilli xo and red yuzu.

Tapioca dusted Cone Bay barramundi, a green apple and cashew salad, and a plate of Blue Manna crab fried rice reinforced the quality of the offerings and the skill of the kitchen. Attentive and friendly staff added to the attraction.
The Republic of Fremantle

A distillery and bar in a warehouse in Pakenham Street has as its central tenet the production of top class gin and vodka, using grape based spirits from the Swan Valley, but has, too, a small but enticing wine list, and a selection of small dishes to accompany the drinks – stracciatella with nectarine and green leaves; mortadella with green olives and manchego; oysters and prawn toast among them.

The cocktail bar at the front of the space is particularly eye-catching and a glass of the delightful rosé from Chouette in the Swan Valley set us up for the afternoon.

Old Faithful BBQ and Bar

Right alongside the Republic, and downstairs is the sister restaurant to the long-established spot in King Street in the City. Reprising the American BBQ made famous in Perth, the new Fremantle outlet has a simply stunning basement bar.

Burgers, brisket, fried chicken and mac n cheese all make it onto the menu, while there is a good range of cocktails, a small selection of wines (the Gilberts rosé a standout) and an extensive range of whiskey as you would expect.

This will be a very popular hangout in the port city.

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