Fish Barbeque

Spring seems to have well and truly sprung….and so a young man’s fancy turns to…well I am not sure anymore…but a seasoned chap’s fancy turns to such delights as barbeques…sitting in our courtyard sipping one afternoon Lady FWO determined that I should get the cooking underway and she would supply the salad.

Last Christmas I bought a Weber Q which is one of my more astute buys – for one thing it always starts with one press of the ignition button unlike the other bbqs I have labored with over the years – and it cooks beautifully. So the request did not faze me…


I had a couple of swordfish steaks I had bought from the frozen fish van that sets up next to the nursery in Guildford from Friday to Sunday so that part was on track too…

I enquired as to the proposed salad so I could settle on an appropriate marinade.


Two salads! Wow…a spiced chickpea which she took from the Taste website and one inspired by our recent sojourn to Broads at Upper Reach…but with subtle difference – there was no prospect of Lady FWO roasting beetroots or pumpkin, so she came up with a rocket, beetroot (I had a can of whole baby beets in my pantry), feta and avocado salad. The spiced chickpea dish did involve a quick blanch of some green beans but she managed that with aplomb!


For my marinade I decided to go for a spicy twist and mixed up some olive oil, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, ground cloves, crushed garlic, fresh thyme from the garden and a dash of allspice with a dollop of lime juice to round it out…sort of a Caribbean style…after mixing everything I smeared it over the steaks, gave it 6 or 7 minutes to absorb some of the flavours and on to the hot plate they went. Five or six minutes on one side and two or three more on the other…and they were done – with a few nice browned grill marks scored across them.


With a bottle of Dukes Single Vineyard Riesling 2013 to accompany the fish and salads it was an excellent way to spend an evening in the courtyard.

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