Choo Choo’s

Choo Choo’s in the basement level of Brookfield Place is a small bar – a very small bar.


A long narrow space, exposed concrete walls, air conditioning ducts on display, polished concrete floors, murals decorating some of the wall space, a lounge area at one end and tables, benches at the other, and in the middle the bar which serves up a pretty good range of beer and wine, plus of course mixing up some very good cocktails.


Of course, when I was younger, so much younger than today, a Choo Choo bar was a black, quite hard, liquorice sort of lolly that we used to buy when we went to the pictures at the Margaret River town hall. And now it’s a bar…. a mile away from some of the more upmarket spots in Brookfield, no pretentiousness here just a cosy little spot to enjoy a drink or two, with cool background music to help it all go down.


We dropped in last week for a quick visit, were warmly greeted and after a look at the offerings chose a glass of rosé each and sipped that while partaking of the free popcorn; buttery aromas of which wafted through the bar. Choo Choo’s proved a great diversion and a place we will be returning too again, and soon.


As we left we also noticed the Commandments of the bar – among them “Thank you isn’t a dirty word”; “No ties – works over”; “No name dropping, we probably don’t know who they are anyway” and “If you wouldn’t leave them with your Ma, don’t them bring them here” – these probably say it all – laid back, funky, happy, slightly disrespectful, all good fun. Choo Choo’s is all that and more. A great little spot.


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