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The last time I went to Bob’s Bar – rooftop in the Brookfield complex – I saw a $50 note snatched from the hands of a friend I was with as he was paying the bill, and sail majestically off in the breeze – pausing briefly, but tantalisingly out of reach, against the window of an adjacent building, then drifting off in the general direction of Subiaco. A frequent occurrence I am told – Bob’s certainly would rank among the windiest of the rooftop bars around town – but certainly not enough to dissuade from returning to this top spot – in more ways than one.


So it was this week, accompanied by the self same loser of the aforementioned note, I came back. It started as a sunny day – so much so that the motorised shades were drawn across to protect us from the rays, and initially there was little breeze – but then the Fremantle Doctor arrived and it was back to what we expected – a nice breezy sojourn on the rooftop. Then clouds rolled in, the heaters were turned on and we could have been in Melbourne experiencing all seasons in one day….anyway it didn’t rain.


I had heard that the menu had been updated, and so it proved – with a little Mexican twist to most of the dishes on offer. These are all designed to share and are small plate style. While we were perusing the menu a bottle of 2011 Torzi Matthews Vigna Cantina Trebbiano from the Eden Valley was purchased to assist in our deliberations, since the name seemed to meld well with the food on offer. This is a delightful food wine, especially suited to seafood – with distinct citrus aromas and nuttiness on the nose, with a palate characterised by lemon zest, a little sweet spicy oak and refreshing acidity to round out a long, satisfying finish.

To go with the wine, we decided on some guacamole to start, followed by a salsa of octopus, a couple of fish tacos, and three King prawn kabobs.


The guacamole came with tortilla chips and pico de gallo – a salsa of tomato, coriander, onion, chilli and lime juice. The guacamole was creamy and smooth, with a nice lime lift, and seasoned well with salt and pepper. The salsa provided a tangy, zesty contrast and the chips were just the ticket to scoop up the avocado and salsa.


The octopus salsa was enlivened by red chilli and pineapple and contained a good amount of tender octopus. The sweetness of the pineapple with the zing of chilli was a great accompaniment to the smoky, salty flavours of the octopus. It was a very well put together dish.


Soft tacos came with a piece of crispy fried fish – tender and moist inside – and tangy coleslaw incorporating fennel, and mayo on the side. Wrapping up the fish with the condiments made it seem a typical snack from the streets of Mexico – lovely flavours, gelling together well.


Finally, our Shark bay prawns came skewered on a stick, juicy, crunchy, smoky, and with a hint of sourness from a tamarind marinade. They looked and tasted great; another simple, but well executed dish.

All in all, very well turned out dishes, easy to share, and just the thing for a day on the roof.

Bob’s is one of the best going around town – brilliant location in the jewel development in the Terrace, good food, friendly service, a nicely constructed wine list with a fine range of beers and cocktails to boot. What more could you want? Just hold on tight to your cash……
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