Boatshed Restaurant

Lady FWO and a bevy of beauties toddled off to the Boatshed Restaurant in South Perth yesterday where they had booked a table for the Melbourne Cup lunch held in support of Ros Worthington’s fundraiser for Breast Cancer Care WA.


My role in the affair was to drive Lady FWO to the venue and in the later afternoon travel back to collect her and deliver her safely home to Guildford. This I did with my usual grace and aplomb. On the way home and for several hours afterwards –until she retired for the night – I was entertained by an, at times, garbled account of the day’s activities. Interspersed among the tales, tall and true, I was repeatedly assured “I only had 3 drinks”. Any evidence to the contrary was to be sheeted home to the intoxicating effect of the heady atmosphere. Hmmm….some atmosphere….someone should bottle it – they would make a fortune.


In any case, it now falls to me to make some sense of the day and to provide some frame of reference so that readers can appreciate the event. I have gathered together what evidence I can – the stream of consciousness conversation from Lady FWO of Tuesday evening; some clarification obtained today after the application of cool compresses and through gentle blandishment; examination of text messages sent and received during the course of Tuesday (and obtained under the metadata provisions of the new Security Acts); a close look at a series of photographs taken at the venue; and a little written material of some probative value – the menu, agendum and such like. Putting these all together, and applying my finely honed investigative and analytical skills, has allowed me to offer the following account.


I have to warn at the outset however that any exaggeration or misinterpretation is the responsibility of Lady FWO, rather than your humble servant.


Now there is one area where I have been unable to obtain precise details – and that is what wines were served. I can with certainty say that wine was served, and by all accounts flowed freely. I can also say with some certainty that one of the wines was Fraser Gallop chardonnay – a wine I have enjoyed on many past occasions and can recommend as a very fine example of a refined and elegant Margaret River chardy. As for the others – well I know that sparkling, rosé, white and red wines were offered but as to their provenance I can make no definitive statements. I do note the list of sponsors included Singlefile, Oakover and Barwick, so I can make a reasoned estimate that the wine served was of a high quality, and from my own external observations served in voluminous quantity.


Now I turn to the day and the event. The Boatshed in South Perth is situated on the banks of the Swan near Coode Street. It has lovely views across the water to the City, and is a popular spot for breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner.


In time I intend to accompany Lady FWO back to the scene of the crime so to speak and undertake a more structured review for your edification.


So, the crowd gathered from around 10.30 – bubbles were served along with a selection of canapés; raffles were organized; sweep stake tickets sold; door prizes drawn and the big race run. At 12.02 or thereabouts the real fun started.


The entrees offered were Nori cured Tasmanian ocean trout with wakeme gel, watermelon radish, shiso and pink ginger emulsion and Charred asparagus with a slow poached egg, tomato tartare, lemongrass oil and parmesan dust.


Certainly they all looked very attractive on the plate. I am told that the asparagus was delicious – cooked quickly so that it still had a satisfying bite and the gooey egg added an extra dimension–- although some concern about a lack of seasoning was expressed….but even so wine and conversation continued to flow.


Main courses on offer included Beef fillet, pont neuf potatoes, portobello mushrooms, gremolata with a roast tomato salsa; Crisp skinned barramundi, with sweet potato two ways, asparagus, and horseradish butter; and Tomato risotto, with tomato tartare, mozzarella croquette and basil oil. Again these appeared attractive on presentation.


The beef cooked rare, was beautifully tender, juicy and won much acclaim from Lady FWO.


Equally, I am assured the fish showed great execution and produced much favourable comment, a lovely crisp skin concealing moist, tender and well seasoned flesh – the mains were particularly impressive as the kitchen was under such pressure to deliver many courses and all within moments of each other. And the conversation and wine continued to flow…..


Dessert came as a tasting plate with mango pavlova, white chocolate cheesecake and dark chocolate pave with yummy sounding accompaniments and were uniformly praised – the bevy attempting to try as many as possible in the cause of research, no doubt. Thank you ladies….


During the meal service raffles were drawn, auctions held, speeches made, and sponsors and attendees thanked and the competitions for best dressed, best hat, and best shoes were organized and prizes announced.


Then the band Groove Night Avenue provided outstanding live music and everyone took to the dance floor to cut a rug.


The day wore on….the wine flowed still and conversation never lagged.


But all good things must end, and so at around 4PM, Lady FWO swanned gracefully to the car park where her carriage awaited.

By all accounts, it was a wonderful day; everyone had a great time and judging by the extravagant and successful bidding that Lady FWO demonstrated at the live auction, a good deal of money would have been raised for a very worthy charity. Well done Ros……

Finally, on a more sombre note – Vale Admire Rakti and Araldo.

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