Baan Baan Thai

An impressive relatively new Thai restaurant in Newcastle Street, Baan Baan has taken up the space once occupied by the Old Crow. With both indoor and outdoor seating choices and an enticing bar at the front it attracted us in one evening recently on our way to a show.

Taking up a table in the al fresco area we sampled a range of their smaller dishes, all of which impressed.

Beginning with betel leaf wraps – crunchy fresh leaf encasing crisply fried mackerel, chopped ginger, lime, toasted coconut and a zesty peanut lime sauce to dollop over. Beautifully done and very moreish.


Not to be outdone by the first dish then came a brilliant tofu skin crab roll – chopped Shark Bay crab meat, mixed with water chestnut, then fried to a crispy consistency and served with a salty, zippy house sauce for dipping. An absolute must if you visit!


We also enjoyed the steamed rice dumplings, gelatinous skins filled with a mix of prawn meat, radish and peanuts – another very well turned out dish.


With the food we knocked off a bottle of Barose rosé – lots of strawberry aromas, raspberry flavours, crisp, dry, perfectly attuned to spicy food.

Now although we had eaten our fill, one of the desserts caught the eye and as we still had time before the show – a bowl of palm sugar ice cream appeared along with a selection of toppings – coconut jelly, palm seeds, jackfruit and peanuts. A sweet and lovely end to our meal.


Baan Baan has had rave reviews and no wonder – one of the best Thai restaurants in town. We will be back so to try some of their larger dishes, all of which sound delightful.




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