Arirang Korean Barbeque

We dropped in a week or so ago for dinner after an afternoon of wine tasting in town – I hadn’t been before, but was certainly satisfied enough to return again. On entering you definitely pick up the barbeque element – it is quite smoky, with welcoming cooking aromas abounding.

A menu with a range of Korean selections, something to satisfy all – vegetarian, meat eaters, seafood aficionados – and it is also licenced – this however is its main shortcoming. The wine list is quite limited with a mediocre choice of wines – something unfortunately common in Asian style restaurants around town. A bit of attention to the wine list would do wonders for Arirang.


Anyway, we had come to eat and so to the food – Bibimbap of course seems almost compulsory, and Arirang’s version hit the right notes. A steaming bowl of vegetables, chicken, steamed rice, topped with a fried egg and a slurp of chilli paste – a good mix of the ingredients and it was a most enjoyable dish.


Soft tofu and seafood soup was another winner – full of silken tofu, prawns, mussels, crab balls in a reasonably spicy broth. It was however extremely hot – boiling in fact – and it took many a long minute watching the other food being consumed before sipping could start; but it was worth the wait.


Our final dish – seafood pancake – again was on target – crisply fried pancake with prawns, squid and spring onion – the seafood tender and moist.

As with all Korean places the accompaniments are a key ingredient to the success or otherwise of the meal – Arirang’s kimchi was a definite winner – spicy, sour, crunchy – loved it. Pickled turnips and cucumber also hit the right note, as did the gochujang the wonderfully flavoured chilli paste.

Arirang is a laid back, casual style Korean barbeque joint – good food, full of the requisite flavours, friendly staff, well priced, convenient location. Just fix up the wine list and all would be spot on. But worth dropping by.

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