Apple Daily

Apple Daily, below the bustling roof top Bob’s Bar in Brookfield Place, turns out stylish and contemporary Asian inspired food, packed with flavour and designed to share.

Lady FWO and I went along for lunch this week and sat on the opposite side to the booth area which you see as you enter from the staircase. Once again we were impressed by the waiters who are uniformly welcoming and friendly.


The drinks list was surprising – it has always been well designed and included excellent selections. This day it was made up entirely of Western Australian wines and what a selection! Divided by variety it was an exposition of all that is good in WA wine – across all regions. Picardy, Castelli, Wignalls, Dormilona, Cloudburst, Vasse Felix, Xanadu, Streicker, Cullen, Willoughby Park, Fraser Gallop, Kosovich, La Violetta, Bella Ridge, Trevelen Farm, Gilberts, Howard Park, Abbey Creek….it went on and on and on and eventually we decided on a bottle of Amelia Park Cabernet Merlot. This is a very stylish wine – plummy and minty on the nose, it has developed Cabernet flavours – blackberry, plums, chocolate, with juicy mid palate fruit from the Merlot. Smooth, easy drinking wine.


While we looked over the menu we had a small bowl of chilli roasted cashews to ease our hunger – just the right chilli kick, nutty, crunchy, great beer snack I thought.


The menu has a changing list of street inspired food – small and larger plates – but all made with the aim of sharing. Our selection – char kway teow from the larger plates section, and fried school prawns and smoked barramundi salad from the smaller.


For those who enjoy this wonderful dish, the char kway teow is outstanding.


The thick slippery rice noodles, stir fried with a delicious spicy sauce, infused with the salty tones of dried shrimp paste and brimming with prawns, scallops and squid, has a wonderful smoky flavour and is as authentic as you can get – you could be in Penang.


The salad of cubes of smoked fish – crisped, smoky, salty – with crunchy bitter greens sitting on top and herbs sprinkled liberally over was another delight. The ingredients combined perfectly to produce a dish of impressive taste, aroma and texture. Lovely.


Deep fried prawns, infused with salt and pepper, and accompanied by yuzu sauce – tart, citrusy and aromatic – for dipping. This was a very generous serve, crisp sweet prawns complemented well by the acidic sauce.


Apple Daily is a, relaxed, polished and very popular spot, turning out generous serves of top quality, very tasty, well priced food in a great atmosphere.

The waiters are friendly, efficient, professional and knowledgeable, able and willing to guide you through the menu and wine offerings. We definitely recommend it.

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