Alfred’s Kitchen

Alfred’s in Guildford is a Western Australian institution, one of the last of the old style Aussie burger joints, sadly largely displaced by the boring US chains.


It is amazingly popular – we live not too far away and each night when we drive or walk past it is packed with people often spilling onto the road – although in recent times some barriers have been, wisely, erected to prevent accidents.


A bonfire burns to keep diners warm, and a few benches are alongside for those who want to eat there al fresco – it is after all at heart a takeaway spot.


However in the past week or so an old rail carriage has been installed just behind it and once fully in place looks likely to be a dine-in option – this will make the old place (operating since 1946!) even more popular, if that is possible.


They turn out a large range of burgers –including a lentil and vege burger – and a justifiably famous pea and ham soup.


Lady FWO stopped by on the weekend and picked herself up a steak burger with all the trimmings – juicy, tender, real steak, fresh salad, fluffy bun, special sauce – and they kindly cut then in half for you – these are genuinely big burgers!


If you are looking for burger that has real taste and flavour without the sweet buns that Maccas and others inflict on you – Alfred’s is the place to go.

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