A Spice Journey through Northbridge

Northbridge is home to many Asian restaurants, covering the gamut of the vast continent – Indian, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, many different Chinese cuisines, Japanese, Vietnamese and more. Today I look at three places that have impressed in recent days… one has been around for a while, with the other two relative newcomers.


Hongkies specialises in food with a Hong Kong twist, as well as influences of Britain and Portugal, especially, shining though.
The food is always a delight – and the welcome from Flora and Jeanette adds to the ambience. They have a small wine list and seem always to have a rosé when I drop in – they know me too well!

Their dumplings are a speciality of the house as are the fabulous Wasabi prawns – battered prawns served with zesty wasabi mayo – which I think are a must. A plate of tender squid stir fried with pickled vegetables also hit the spot on a recent visit – in fact all of their seafood dishes are excellent.


A relative newcomer located in Washing Lane is Discover Gourmet. Another unlicenced place but happy to provide the necessary for BYO.
A Chinese restaurant with a nod to Szechwan cuisine. A smallish space that has housed a few different businesses in the past, but the food bodes well for its future. A large bowl of Seafood soup was an aromatic and very spicy delight. Tender filleted fish and noodles swimming in a broth heavy with chilli and Szechwan pepper made for a sweat inducing lunch. Excellent food and value here.


Another newish place along William Street is Jom Kopitiam specialising in Malaysian food. And very well done too – fish head curry is a speciality and the Fish curry Mamak – spicy, full of Malay curry spices – cumin, cloves, chilli and more -served with fried egg on rice, cucumber and belacan sambal was also top class.

A starter of fried spring rolls is also recommended. BYO too. If you love Malay style food, get along.


So there you go – three different cuisines, each carried out with flair in these popular destinations in and around William Street, Northbridge.

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