Whisper is another of the many small bars that have popped up in Fremantle over the past few years. Located in a two storey limestone building at the corner of a gated mews in Essex Street, this French inspired bar oozes charm.


Not a big place – small area downstairs and another little space upstairs,


as well as benches and stools, shaded by umbrellas on the footpath outside, it offers a selection of simple food – baguettes with cheese, chicken and pork rillettes, duck terrine, marinated octopus and a range of sandwiches.


A small, but well thought through, wine list, which includes The Sum Riesling from the Great Southern, Staniford Chardonnay from Frankland, Doninique Portet Cabernet from the Yarra Valley, as well as a range from France, Spain and Italy.


On a lovely warm autumn day we sat out the front at one of the benches and ordered baguette with four cheeses. The baguette in the French style, crisp and crumbly exterior, soft, chewy inside, was a perfect accompaniment to the cheeses served up – gouda with cumin seed with mild, fruity tones spiced up by the nutty, slightly peppery taste of the cumin with its characteristic warm, lemony aroma;


a creamy soft slightly pungent brie perfect for smearing on the bread;


a ball of sharp goats cheese that had been rolled in herbs and spices, with flakes of chilli providing a zesty flavour; and a young Asiago from Italy, firm and sweet tasting.


Along with our cheese we enjoyed a glass or two of Note Bleue rosé from Provence. A light dry style, this wine shows ripe berries on the nose, raspberry notes on the palate with a hint of citrus and quite the thing for sitting outside pretending you are in Paris.


If you shut your eyes it’s not so hard to do as each time we have visited there have been groups of people chatting away in French and this occasion was no exception with three elegant ladies enjoying a drink and a snack and catching up on the news. The French waiters help as well.


Whisper is a great spot and well worth trying. It is a little gem.

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