The Standard re-visited

The Standard in Roe Street has one of the best outdoor drinking and eating areas in the City – the courtyard out back has plenty of shade as well as greenery, and there is a great little hide-a-way on top of the container that serves as the outside bar. And, living up to its name, the food here sets the standard for all other pub food in town, I reckon – innovative, always well cooked and presented, and combined with a great wine list makes this an absolutely top spot to relax on these warm autumn days – and nights.


The menu is built around small shared plates, although experience has shown that they are, despite the excellent price points, not that small – in for lunch I knew that one dish was enough for me – and it was.

Roasted broccoli with chimichurri, sour cream, fried garlic flakes – an outstanding vegetarian dish – the flavour of the blackened broccoli added to with the aromatics of coriander, oregano and garlic of the sauce, and a little chilli too; it all came together so well.


As I mentioned the wine list here is on point too – with a great representation of some of the smaller, new wave producers around – Brave New Wine, Dormilona, Blind Corner and the like. So I started with Brave New Wine’s interesting Riesling variation, Dreamland – infused with bush herbs giving it some unusual and compelling notes; then a white Field Blend from Express Winemakers – Riesling, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc (the description on the wine list- youthful, silky and beautiful blue eyes – oh wait that’s the winemaker!) – crunchy apples and citrus, with touches of stone fruit – very refreshing and exuberant.


The Standard continues hitting all the markers – food, wine, ambience and service all top notch – a must.

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