The search for Perth’s best Laksa

I was reading somewhere recently that Laksa – Penang Assam style – was rated the 26th most delicious food in the world in a survey a few years ago, while curry laksa was rated 44th.


Who am I to disagree, it is an essential dish whenever I get the chance to go to Malaysia or Singapore where I have indulged in many a great bowl of this wonderful soup.

There are basically two styles of laksa – curry laksa, the rich and savoury coconut milk based dish or the fresh and sour assam type. But of course there are as many variants on the theme as there are towns and villages throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and other points across SE Asia where it is viewed as a national dish.

Both types use thick rice noodles traditionally, but often a mix of these with thinner rice vermicelli can be found. Seafood is a common ingredient, although chicken too has its place, as well as tofu, and really whatever you fancy.

Anyway, somewhat inspired by the survey, and encouraged by an old dining companion, I have decided to set out over coming months to find the best laksa – of whatever style – served up in Perth.

So in coming reviews the laksa search will be continued….any suggestions as to the best places are very welcome indeed!


  1. Rory Anderson says

    Hi FWO,

    the Laksa served up at “The Red Chair” in Subi is pretty darn good. Their Vietnamese Dark Soy Chicken and Chicken Curry are really pretty good as well.

    The real boss in the family though, and who has the better credentials than me when it comes to judging SE Asia food, likes the Laksa at “Malaysian Hawker” at the Cambridge Forum International Food Court in Wembley.

    Two other strong worthy mentions include “Spencer Village Food Hall” in Thornlie and “Taurus Hawker Foods” in Willeton.

    Lastly, while in Asia if you ever get round to trying Nepalese food, cant go past “Laligurans” (which means Red Rhododendrom the national flower of Nepal) in Claremont. Simply outstanding service and genuine, delicious Nepalese food. The Goat Curry is a standout.

    Cheers …


    • The FWO says

      Thanks Rory – I have heard about Cambridge Forum and Spencer Village, and they are on my to do list – the Willetton one I hadn’t so that is now something to also follow up –as is the Red Chair! So much to do. So little time. And I will definitely check out Laligurans for Nepalese food too…

  2. George Carey says

    Tasty’s in the Shanghai food court in Fremantle has the best laksa and very consistent in quality.
    The combination curry laksa is the best and i have been eating it for about 25 years.
    Do try the picked green chillies with it.

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