That was 2019……..

Well 2019 is done and dusted and I thought I would give a sample of what stood out for me over the past 12 months looking at restaurants, bars, pubs, wines and more…so here goes my top ten.

Of course, you can get more details and reviews off the blog and my Instagram feed where the wines reviews overwhelmingly reside.

Pickled Mussels

Best 10 Restaurants

  1. Lions and Tigers
  2. Propeller
  3. Dilly Dally
  4. Le Rebelle
  5. Long Chim
  6. The Standard
  7. Manise
  8. Petition Kitchen
  9. Chilli Panda
  10. Kappys

Best 10 Bars

  1. No Mafia
  2. Wines of While
  3. Shadow
  4. Los Bravos
  5. Petition Wine
  6. King Somm
  7. Morries
  8. Ezra Pound
  9. Petition Wine
  10. Bird

Best 10 Pubs and Breweries

  1. The Royal on Wellington
  2. Rose and Crown
  3. Henry Summer
  4. Blasta Brewery
  5. The River Hotel
  6. Seasonal Brewing
  7. Market Grounds
  8. The Woodbridge
  9. Margaret River Brewhouse
  10. Camfield

Best 10 dishes that stick in the mind

  1. Pickled mussels at the Royal on Wellington
  2. Salted Spanish Mackerel at Los Bravos
  3. Deep fried mozzarella croquettes with XO sauce at Le Rebelle
  4. Steve the sourdough roti at Lions and Tigers
  5. Roasted fennel with white anchovies at Dilly Dally
  6. Mushroom, truffle and chilli pizza from King Somm
  7. Fried fish fillets in chilli oil at Chilli Panda
  8. Bastard Peppers at Flour Factory
  9. Fish fillets with chilli, garlic, lemongrass at Long Chim
  10. Abrolhos Scallops with blood orange butter at Lamonts Cottesloe

My top 10 outside WA – this year encompassing Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide

  1. Temporada Canberra
  2. Ginger Boy Melbourne
  3. Tonka Melbourne
  4. Leigh Street Wine Bar Adelaide
  5. Bar Rochford Canberra
  6. Longrain Melbourne
  7. Udaberri Adelaide
  8. Proof Adelaide
  9. Ottoman Cuisine Canberra
  10. Roxies Adelaide

And last but not least my top 10 wines tasted – it was all too much so I have given the top 12

  1. Mosswood Cabernet Sauvignon – tried 9 vintages this year, all fabulous, went for the 1998 Magnum – they could be all listed but that seems unfair!
  2. Woodlands 2016 Reserve Malbec
  3. Assemblage 2019 from Swan Valley Wines
  4. 2019 Nebbiolo Rosato Amato Vino
  5. 2017 Magpie Hill Riesling Dukes
  6. Vino Volta Pet Nat
  7. Gris from Brian
  8. 2018 SP68 Occhipinti (the only non-Australian on the list)
  9. Mann Brut Rosé
  10. 2018 Touriga Nacional from Frankland Estate
  11. Chalari Pet Nat
  12. 2018 Rude Boy blend Brave New Wine


So that’s a wrap!!

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