Small Bar Snippets continue…

In our continuing efforts to seek out great spots to have a drink and a good time, today we bring to you a couple of outstanding small bars – Ezra Pound and The Bird – these are not places that serve gourmet food delights, but are places to chill and relax over a drink of your choice.

Ezra Pound


Ezra Pound located in a laneway off William Street in Northbridge was one of the earliest of the small bars that have popped all over Perth in recent years. Entering the laneway past a few benches and chairs set against the wall (where those who simply must smoke can do so), you enter a longish sort of space, with mismatched and ragged furnishings – chairs, tables, couches and display cabinets of various curiosities, with a bar at on end. At the bar you can order from a very small wine selection – although I have always managed to find something to my taste – various cocktails and beer and cider. The staff members are friendly and helpful, the music blending in well without impinging on conversation. It can best be described as cool. Named for one of the most influential modernist poets – and who my favourite poet, TS Eliot, called “il miglior fabbro” (the better craftsman) – how could it not be?


I have read some less favourable comments about this bar, but for those who have complained that it doesn’t meet their ideal of shiny metal, glass and new modern furnishings – Ezra had something to say that may help them understand “Genius…is the capacity to see 10 things where the ordinary man sees one…” this is not an ordinary place – it is great and you should get there and experience it for yourself.
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The Bird

Just around the corner from Ezra in William Street is another excellent little spot, The Bird. Again the decor is a bit different – what look like old church pews make up smart little booths; mismatched and worn couches and chairs in the window bay add an attractive, down at the heel air. There is also a lovely little courtyard out back. A clever little wine list, as well as a good range of beers, ciders and cocktails, adds to the appeal.


Of course its greatest claim to fame is as a live music venue – one of few in Perth giving outlet to some of the lesser known groups around town. Yes, it may get a tad crowded when a popular band is on – but that is a sacrifice you make for having a good time. If you don’t want a crowd head along during the day – still a great spot for a drink and you can snare a booth to yourself.


The area around the Bird is rapidly becoming one of the “go to” spots for small bars and good times – with Ezra, Mechanics Institute, Lot 20, Bivouac and Pica all within a 100 metres of each other. Do yourself a favour and take a wander around the William Street/Cultural Centre precinct; there really is something for everyone.

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