Shania Choir

Well our Fringe binge is almost at an end, with all the shows we booked for over, but what a way to finish the trip – last night at the Circus Tent in the Cultural Precinct, we were treated to the preview session of Shania Choir which is running for the rest of the week.

An exhilarating romp through the career of Shania Twain from her early days growing up poor in Canada to her triumphs as a country singer and cross over pop star – as one of her iterations last night said “Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift”.


And if you think one Shania may be enough, well there were 13 last night – 3 of whom were blokes in various stages of drag – one wearing the tightest leather look pants you could imagine. Mainly a capella (although a couple of songs had some minor guitar accompaniment, and a few penny whistles livened up others) this was a rambunctious and enthusiastic, boot stomping tribute to the diva – with different members of the group taking the lead as the show went on.


The audience lapped it up, the raw energy of the group infectious all leading to a rollicking finale of I Feel Like a Woman, and then a short reprise of the classic Still the One to wind up a memorable Fringe debut.

As I said, running for the rest of the week, this should be on your list of shows to see. We loved it.

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