Sauma in Northbridge

Looking for a spot of lunch this week we settled on one of the best Indian restaurants in town – Sauma on the corner of William and James Street, in the Cultural Centre precinct. We have been a number of times but hadn’t yet tried their tiffin lunch, and a quick look at what was on offer decided us on that path.
pics Served in the traditional dabbas or tiffin carrier – a four tiered stainless steel lunch box – we ordered one of each of the vegetarian and non- vegetarian offerings – the difference being the curry – palak paneer (spinach and cheese) for the vegetarian, while the non- vegetarian included meat with the spinach. Along with the curry came rice, naan, and thinly sliced potato deep fried in besan flour.

The curries were richly flavoured – and coloured for that matter – mildly spiced, but certainly hit the spot.

The naan and rice served to mop up the remnant sauce while the potato was pleasantly crisped with floury, moist interior. All in all, the tiffin was just what we needed. And outstanding value to boot.


However, before that arrived we did try a top notch pan puri – a good sized fried and puffed puri served with a masala pimped up with a dash of tequila – pour the sauce in and in one bite demolish it – excellent and a perfect aperitif!


And to finish a dessert seemed just the go – panna cotta topped with diced watermelon – the custard creamy and luscious while the melon was sweet and juicy – nice finish.


Sauma is licenced with a tidy wine list and 2014 Rocky Gully Cabernet blend from Frankland River complemented our meal – plums and tobacco on the nose, smooth, juicy palate of blackberries, plums and cinnamon stood up well to the spice of the meal.

Sauma is one of the best Indian spots around – and with the tiffin they have hit on a winner – great value, well put together, a step up from a sandwich or wrap that would cost around the same. Give it a try….

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