Saturday lunch at Padburys

We had been woken from our reverie by a couple of cars managing, somehow, both going the same direction, to hit each other with one ending up in the front yard of a house at the end of our street. With the accompanying loud noises, ambulances, police, tow trucks and myriad onlookers our peaceful Saturday afternoon had been somewhat spoiled, so, knowing that Padburys, which is just around the corner from our place in Guildford, has released a new menu, on this slightly showery day, we walked down to check it out for lunch.


We sat inside in one of the window seats and looked over the menu – many of their long time dishes are still on it – the sizzling chilli and garlic prawns, for instance – but a few newcomers have also appeared.

Having an eye on dessert, I decided on one of the starters as my main – salt baked heirloom beetroots – while Lady FWO chose a main – prosciutto wrapped chicken breast.


The beetroot salad was made up of variety of juicy beets, of different colours, all retaining a little crunch to the bite, and came with dots of sharp, salty goat cheese, tapenade, candied walnuts and a sprinkle of fresh dill – it was a light, fresh dish, with good flavour combination and contrasting textures.


The chicken – it must have been a big chook – was a generous serve – the breast, succulent and tender, cooked with a wrap of salty, crisped prosciutto, and filled with a mix of spinach, chopped dates, sun-dried tomatoes and camembert – really well turned out. A bed of creamy, buttery mash, with a slosh of earthy mushroom sauce, carrots and green peas in their shells completed what was a hearty and enjoyable repast.


As I mentioned, one of the desserts caught my eye, so next came a cream cheese brulee – topped with a crunchy caramel and underneath a dense but creamy custard, with some lemon flavours – with strawberries and chocolate ice cream to round out the dish.


Padbury’s is licenced with a selection of local Swan Valley wines among the offerings – my glass of John Kosovich Cabernet Sauvignon has a bouquet of blackcurrants and blackberries, with a palate of chocolate, mulberries and plums.

Lady FWO went for rosé – what else? – and her Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley – has a pleasant fragrant bouquet of strawberries, crisp but with a little mid palate sweetness.


By the time we had finished the rain had lifted somewhat, the excitement at the end of the street had subsided, only the cars and no doubt egos suffering real damage – the car had been extracted from the garden and with only the tow truck remaining – so we toddled on home – Padbury’s turns out simple but enjoyable food – is friendly and welcoming – a good neighbourhood restaurant.

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