When the Guildford Post Office was sold a couple of years or so ago the new owners established a garden and landscape design centre and collectibles shop in the grounds; now they have taken another next step and set up a little coffee shop/café as well, taking advantage of the wonderful collection of plants that supply a host of little, private nooks and crannies where customers can sit and enjoy their drinks among the cool greenery.


As well as excellent coffee – smooth, creamy, velvety with some notes of caramel and an aromatic bouquet – sourced from WA roaster Left Field, they also serve tea and juices, and a selection of cakes and biscuits, and on our last visit ham, cheese, tomato and caramelized onion rolls.


This is welcome addition to Guildford, utilizing the historic Post Office to even greater effect than before and on the occasions we have dropped in since it opened a couple of weeks ago we have noted its growing popularity.


Excellent coffee, friendly and talented barista, and welcoming staff along with a fine selection of snacks to accompany the coffee and tea, and lovely surrounds, Poste is definitely a place to head to when out and about in historic Guildford, or the Swan Valley more generally.


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