Sitting outside, at the back, of the PICA Bar must be among the more pleasant places around town to have a drink and a snack. The spreading branches of the Port Jackson fig (well it may be a Moreton Bay fig – not being a botanist I am taking a stab as the leaves look a little smaller than on a MB) provide wonderful shade for those sitting at the benches and seats there. Of course, you can also sit out front of the bar looking across at the Library but that is for cooler days as far as I am concerned; or indeed inside, at the bar or the tables and benches.


Lady FWO and I dropped past the other day, mid afternoon – it was quite hot inside – the weather lately hasn’t been all that flash, too humid, too hot – so we decided to sit around the side. It was glorious – a little soft breeze helped bring the temperature down as well as the shade from the tree (the only drawback was the sight of ashtrays on the tables – but no one else was there so we didn’t have to put up with that unsavoury habit).


We enjoyed a glass or two of Charles Melton Rose of Virginia – one of Australia’s classic rosé wines – after a drink of iced water to help quench our thirst from our walking around town. Some well considered piped music from the speakers attached to a tree branch, and it was simply a delightful interlude.

While I have often been to PICA for a drink, we haven’t eaten there. Looking over the menu – it is limited, and leans towards small snack type meals as well as all day breakfast – eggs various ways, mushrooms, as well as steak sandwiches, rolls and wraps, frittata, salad, fries and the like – nothing particularly eye catching but the dishes sound wholesome and are obviously pitched to their market.


I guess if you want something more substantial there are lots of other spots in close proximity, but for a refreshing drink, taking in the atmosphere and experiences of the Cultural precinct (library, art gallery, Fringe Festival), and just relaxing on warm day, it is hard to think of a better place to be than under the shade at PICA. We like it….

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