Petition Beer Corner

The wonderfully restored State Buildings at the corner of Barrack and St Georges Terrace is home to Petition, three individual venues each with a slight differentiation – Petition Kitchen, Petition Wine Bar and Merchant and Petition Beer Corner.


The State Buildings link three heritage buildings, all interconnected, and previously housing government offices. The restoration is stunning – the soaring vaulted ceiling of the Postal Hall – which divides the Barrack Street side from the Treasury Hotel on the side closest to St Georges Cathedral – is a highlight. With more restaurants and shops opening, and a rooftop bar in sight, this promises to be a must visit destination in Perth.


The Beer Corner, looking out onto Barrack Street and the Terrace, untreated, exposed floor boards, rubbed back walls, exposed rafters, a few mirrored posts, along with benches and stools scattered around, and a bar which consists of a couple of trestle tables in front of a display board listing the 18 beers on tap is a celebration of all things beer.


Of course wine drinkers aren’t forgotten and the small menu has a well-chosen selection to complement your drinks.


Dropping past last week after successfully completing jury duty, and fulfilling my civic responsibilities, I met up with a mate and settled down for a few refreshing brews, starting off with an old favourite, Feral Hop Hog, an American style India Pale Ale. This has strong resin and pine aromas, citrus flavours, and very bitter and dry finish. A great WA beer.


The disconcertingly named Nice Guy, Dud Root, also from Feral was our next step. An English Brown Ale style this has a dark brown hue, good head, caramel and molasses aromas, with a hint of coffee, while the malty, spicy flavours and a touch of cloves, support a smooth, lingering palate.


Moving on to Dunsborough based Eagle Bay Brewery’s Cacao Stout we were struck by the lifted chocolate aromas – apparently they have sourced cacao husks left over from a local chocolatier’s production process to provide the aromas and flavours. The chocolate element flows through to the palate, with a dry, dark chocolate mouthfeel and some quite subtle caramel, smoke and sour cherry notes. This is a delightful stout.


The Beer Corner is a wonderful addition to the Perth bar scene – fantastic location, excellent and changing range of beers -served in neat glasses in 150, 300 or 450 ml serves – good food, outstanding ambience and atmosphere and friendly, attentive and welcoming waiters.

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