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When you walk into Miss Kitty’s Saloon in Inglewood the first things that strikes you is the amazingly eclectic array of mismatched furniture and objet (not quite) d’art that are scattered throughout. Lounge chairs, old televisions, car seats, vinyl bars, and an incredible 1960’s hippy era round white couch – it’s hard to describe but the picture is below. Tables and chairs, booths, communal tables, lounge chairs and very heavy bar stools at the imposing bar offer a range of seating options.


We dropped in on the way back from picking up Lady FWO from our daughter’s hen’s party – so she was feeling no pain and I was hungry and without an ounce of alcohol having passed my lips. We set up in a booth with cut out denim jeans and jackets sticked to the seats, and had a look over the menu and drinks list.


Miss Kitty’s has a bent towards Canadian and US fare – poutine, ribs, tostada, chicken wings, devilled eggs, corn salad, succotash – and the drinks also feature brews from that part of the world with beers including Rio Bravos from Mexico, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Lager, Anchor Steam and the undrinkable Bud from the US of A as well as some local drops from Eagle Bay, Little Creatures and Nail. A range of spirits includes Crown Royal from Canada, Woodford Reserve and Bookers from Kentucky as well as the wonderful collection of moonshine from local distillery Whipper Snapper. A small wine list includes Chardonnay from Barwick in Margaret River, Pinot Gris from NZ, Riesling from Bellarmine in Pemberton, Pinot from Hawkes Bay, Malbec from Argentina and Zinfandel from Margaret River.


We settled on a glass of 2014 52 Stones rosé from the Ferguson Valley and a 2013 Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Si Vintners. The red had aromas of black berries and plums, with hints of violets, was full bodied and exhibited plums, black cherries, chocolate and dusty tannins on the palate. It was smooth with a good, long finish.


The rosé, made from Sangiovese, had lifted strawberry and rose petal aromas, with crisp acid supporting sweet ripe berry flavours on the palate.

Foodwise, with Lady FWO not that hungry, I went for the retro dish of Mac ‘n’ Cheese with a side of refried beans, pickled chilli and a soft egg.

mac cheese

The very hot bowl of pasta came out on a wooden board. The penné had been cooked in a sauce made from American cheddar and topped with smoked paprika. It reminded me a little of my first few months living in a flat in Perth when I came up to Uni many years ago when all of us there lived on Riceariso and packets of Macaroni cheese until I bought a cookbook. The dish was certainly hearty, and the paprika provided some nice smoky notes, but the cheddar sauce missed the mark; too watery and not much flavour.


On the other hand the refried beans were full of flavour, a little spice, and were served with some good corn chips – the egg was beautifully poached and oozed over the beans adding contrast.


The pickled chilli was just the thing to add a little more heat and I did throw some in the macaroni to give it a bit more flavour boost. It was a good side order and good value, too.


Miss Kitty’s is certainly different from other small bars/restaurants around town and, judging from the crowd that was thronging in by the time we were leaving, has provided a welcome addition to the Inglewood strip. It turns out hearty food; the drinks are good and the atmosphere grand. The waiters are very friendly, helpful and welcoming.

car seats

I have to also mention the music playing – great stuff mainly from the good eras of the 1960s and 70s and a complete dearth of the tosh that is served up masquerading as music on commercial radio these days and played too loudly at too many spots around town.


Miss Kitty’s is well worth a look.

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