Max + Sons

Lady FWO, fresh from buying up big to stock up her dress shop in Guildford from the King Street fashion wholesalers, popped into 140 William Street, which seems to be the address of more and more food outlets.


At the back of the area towards Wellington Street she came across Max and Sons, fronting both Globe and Railway Lanes, a newish coffee shop.



It is a stylish looking place, cement floors with a cute little outdoor area, near their takeaway window, with half a dozen tables.


Sitting out, catching the fresh air, her order was quickly delivered as she looked over the lines of caffeine addicts lining up at the window for their morning fix – a brisk trade, indeed.


The latte ordered was of good quality – and remember Lady FWO runs her own cafe which turns out top notch coffee so she is in a position to judge the efforts of others. And she gave it a big tick – creamy, the right temperature, good coffee strength.



Along with the brew she ordered a pulled pork sandwich, which came with ham, cheese, mustard and gherkins – the bun was toasted, nicely crisped with a lovely doughy, chewy interior, the meat filling tender and well seasoned, and the accompaniments perfectly attuned – all in all a success.


Max and Sons, apparently related to the little coffee bar, Mo Espresso, in Trinity Arcade is a fine addition to 140 William and to coffee places in general.

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