Market Grounds for Sunday lunch

I have been the Market Grounds in the Kings Square development a number of times in the 8 months or so since it opened – it remains an impressive venue – both in size and in the standard of the food and drink – taking into account always that the menu is nothing too innovative, but good pub style food.


On this occasion we went for, on the one hand, a small basket of fried prawns – these were plump, juicy and with a refreshingly fresh crunch to the bite – with a small dish of dipping sauce they were a satisfying small lunch time meal.

The second choice – a cheese burger – was a much more substantial dish – crisp buns filled with thick, succulent beef patty, salad, melted cheese and mayo –fries and tomato dipping sauce. Good looking and tasting dish.


They have a small but quite reasonable wine list – and our bottle of 2016 Snake and Herring Vamos Tempranillo with its cherry and blackcurrant aromas, and a plate bursting with black cherry, liquorice and prune flavours proved to be a great companion to the food.


Once again we enjoyed our visit to Market Grounds – it is certainly well placed almost alongside the Arena for concertgoers and Wildcat fans and big enough to cater for a large crowd- the food and drink hit the spot, the staff are friendly and professional – all in all a good place to drop into.

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