Manise, up William Street, near the mosque, serves up excellent East Indonesian food, at very good prices. There is a small printed menu, with black boarded specials –and they often upload a pic of the day’s special on Instagram to give you notice before they run out –so if you like this type of food well worth following them! And they are unlicensed but happy to supply wine glasses.


On a previous visit we tried the empek-empek and loved it so that was first cab off the rank for us on this lunch stopover- crisply fried fish cake had been filled with egg yolks and sat in a vinegary sauce with diced cucumber; the fish cake surround was moist and tender, the yolks added a creamy note and the sweetish sauce had a pleasant sharp element.


Then, Cumi Assam Sambal – tender, succulent squid stir fried with tomato, onion, chilli, lemon juice and turmeric -rich tomato flavours, mildly spiced, with a pleasant sour note to finish. It is lovely dish.


Finally one of their excellent fish dishes – Ikan Bakar Ambon – a whole fish, grilled, butterflied and topped with a mix of chopped fresh chilli, diced tomato and onion, with a good slathering of sweet/sour sauce which complemented the chilli – as well a hotter house made chilli sauce is available on the table for those who like a little more kick and it does deliver one!. The fish was crispy, juicy, tender– spot on.


A couple of bowls of well turned out steamed rice and that was more than enough for a cheap and enjoyable lunch.

Friendly, smiling, welcoming – Manise is certainly a place to be visited for very good Indonesian food, at great prices – recommended.



  1. Bjorn Anthony says

    If you enjoyed this,and it sounds like you did,another Indonesian cheap and cheerful is The Sparrow.BYO,cheap and an awesome host.

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