Manise – a place of East Indonesian delight

It has been great to get out and about and to check out some old favourites after the apocalypse and one I was keen to get back to was Manise Café , up the top end of William Street, near the mosque, which serves up excellent East Indonesian food, at very low prices. There is a small printed menu, with black boarded specials. Though unlicensed they are happy to supply wine glasses.

We started with empek-empek – crisply fried fish cake had been filled with egg yolks and sat in a vinegary sauce with diced cucumber. The fish cake surround was moist and tender, the yolks added a creamy, eggy note and the sweetish sauce had a pleasant sharp element.

Then, Cumi Assam Sambal – tender, succulent squid stir fried with tomato, onion, chilli, lemon juice and turmeric -rich tomato flavours, mildly spiced, with a pleasant sour note to finish. It is lovely dish.

Along with this we enjoyed Telur Balado, halved boiled eggs, deep fried and sloshed with a mild chilli and tomato sauce – these were a very enjoyable dish, eggs had a little fried crust and the sauce was mild, but with a good depth of flavour.

Our final choice deep fried eggplant topped with a peanut sauce – very moist eggplant, without being oily, crisply fried and the sauce had a mild spicy note.

I should mention here they also have a hotter house made chilli sauce available for those who like a little more kick and it does deliver one! So we indulged in that as well of course. And with a bowl of well turned out steamed rice that was more than enough for our lunch and the price was certainly right.
Friendly, smiling, welcoming – Manise is certainly a place to be visited for very good Indonesian food, at great prices – recommended. Good to see them back in action.

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