Lot 20 revisited

On Friday two of my oldest friends came down from the rarefied atmosphere of the Perth hills to the lowlands, and so with the Gooseberry Hillbillies in tow, I set off to show them some of the better haunts around town. Where better to start than Lot 20?


This is certainly one of the best of a host of small bars in and around the James Street precinct, and sitting in the front courtyard, under an umbrella, gentle breeze cooling things down, and the murmur of the water feature, has to rank among the better things to be doing early on a Friday afternoon.


And of course there was the added attraction of Jerry Fraser shucking away. We decided to grab a dozen of the Tasmanian oysters on offer and with a bottle of Vinaceous Pinot Noir rosé to help wash them down we sat around chatting and consuming the buttery, creamy molluscs. The wine was crisp, dry and cold….beautiful.


Lot 20 has great food, a small but excellent wine list, friendly, professional waiters, and just a wonderful vibe and is one of my favourites, for sure.

However, I guess I better mention the one glitch – the female of the Hillbillies ventured up the stairs to the loo and came back channelling her inner Elaine Benes – no paper in the cubicle – not a square to spare! Luckily it appears women of a certain age carry emergency supplies in their bags, so all was well….but perhaps an inspection now and then to keep supplies up would prevent any further incidents!

For all that, they were impressed too, and agree with my summation from the previous report…the place to be.

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