Lamont’s in the Valley

It was a spectacular day in the Valley on Saturday – blue skies, sunny, a touch of warmth in the air – spring must nearly be at hand – and under the trees at Lamonts made for a magical afternoon after so much rain and cold weather.


We had a taste of a couple of their wines in the winery before deciding on a glass of 2014 Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon and of the 2014 Black Monster, a Donnybrook sourced Malbec, to accompany our meals, then took up a seat at one of the wine barrel tables scattered around under the gum trees. Many others must have had the same idea as a number of large and small groups arrived over the hour or so we lingered and all seemed to having as good a time as us.


We began with a plate of roasted winter vegetables – capsicum, beetroot, zucchini, fresh green peas, spinach leaves, drizzle of olive oil – lightly cooked retaining their moisture and freshness – beautifully turned out.


Onto Shark Bay whiting fillets cooked in light, crisp tempura batter flavoured and coloured with saffron – juicy, succulent fish, steaming hot, and a cheek of lime to splash around – another great Spring in the Valley dish!

And finally, two mini pies – lovely buttery puff pastry filled with meltingly tender chicken, mixed through with green peppercorns to add a spicy touch.


I have spent many a happy hour at Lamonts over many years – before the restaurant, when the restaurant was in full swing before Kate moved onto other places, and now as the casual, café style place it is – the food is always quality, the wine top class, the staff pleasant, friendly, smiling and professional; it really is a top spot – as all in the Lamonts stable are. For me this is an absolute must if you are wandering around the Swan Valley.

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