Kabaret Dietrich

I have heard about musicians “playing the saw” but never seen it until tonight when Nikki Nouveau played a stunning musical accompaniment to her rendition of Falling in Love Again as part of her entrancing Fringe World tribute to the great chanteuse Marlene Dietrich, bringing out a saw and bow and whipping up a haunting melody. Who would have thought a carpenter’s saw could sound so fine?


Strutting the stage in an emerald two piece, complete with suspenders and net stockings and Marlene’s stock in trade top hat and long black gloves, as Lola from Blue Angel, Nikki transported the audience to Weimar Berlin in the 1920s and 30s thumping out You’re the Cream in my Coffee and many more.


Then it moved on to Marlene’s escape from the trials of pre and Nazi Germany to Hollywood through the efforts of German director Josef von Sternberg and then her later career in song, dance and movies.


This was a wonderful short show capturing the allure of Dietrich – her most famous songs Falling In Love Again and Lili Marleen were sung in German and English and formed the centrepiece to the show – Nikki both looked and sounded the part. A lovely performance channelling this most famous star of the silver screen (and who infamously slept with three of the Kennedy family!)


If you get the chance hop along and see this in the Urban Orchard – loved it.

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