It’s Shadow Time

th one of the best wine lists around town, the Shadow Wine Bar, part of the trendy Northbridge Hotel, the Alex, is an essential destination for any wine lover – especially if you are looking for some wines a little out of the ordinary.

It is also hard to go past the food here – the menu lists a great, and changing array of dishes, showing originality, talent and not a little élan.

ShadowWine copy

I dropped in this week, as is often the case, with a chum to have a drink while we came to a decision about a dining destination.

I spotted a new inclusion on the list since last I stopped by, and as I have become quite fond of so-called orange wines, decided to give it a go.

From the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, the 2013 Denavolo “Dinavolino” is an interesting blend of Malvasia, Ortuga and Marsanne grapes, it is dark yellow/orange showing a degree of oxidation on the nose, reminiscent of fino sherry, intermingling with aromas of honey and green apples. Strong and evident tannins create a chewy palate with intense acidity supporting honeyed citrus and sharp Granny Smith apple flavours. Definitely a food wine – would go beautifully with matured cheese I reckon.

Well that was that – we had finished our planning meeting in excellent surrounds, with great wine to assist. Shadow really is at the pinnacle of wine bars around Perth – you should give it a go – and don’t forget the food!

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