Hao Szechuan – Northbridge

Hao Szechuan is one of the best of the Szechuan restaurants around town, I think – a view reinforced by our visit for lunch last week. However one day I will remember just how large some of the dishes are – and try not to over order. But we did it again….

They are not licenced but there is a good liquor store at the next corner, so that is no problem – and they are quick to supply glasses and the rest.


With weather like we are currently enduring a large bowl of chilli infused soup seemed to way to go, and so we ordered Boiled fish with vegetables, and a couple of starters – one a dish of spicy fungi, the other a medley of tongue and tripe which caught my dining companion’s eye.


The fungi – glistening and black – with a relatively mildly spiced sauce, peanuts scattered across, along with spring onions and sesame seeds – was a good sized dish for an entrée and went down a treat, the fungi tender and salty.


The medley of tongue from various beasts, as well as some cuts of honeycomb tripe, likewise came with a pleasantly but not over spiced sauce. The meat was tender and succulent, and the accompanying vegetables crisp and crunchy. And another good sized starter.

Then the centre piece – and where I remembered my last visit – a simply huge bowl of shimmering, spicy soup, liberally infused with chilli and Szechuan pepper, full of juicy tender fillets of fish, bean sprouts and green onion. The chilli heat was right up there, the lip numbing pepper also making its mark – with heads sweating and teary eyes we dug in – it was a lovely dish and such amazing value – we didn’t finish of course and my dining chum took away his meals for the next couple of days I’d reckon.


The food here is very good indeed, with authentic spicing, large, very large, serves, and right on for value. The waiters friendly and efficient and the food coming out at a rapid rate. Sitting here, with the rain pelting down and the temperature dropping, I wish I was back at Hao Szechuan warming up with more of that chilli-licious broth! It is really worth a visit.

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