Hao Szechuan

After the apocalypse and everything starting to re-open, a desire for spice led us back to Hao Szechuan, one of the best for this style of cuisine. They are in Francis Street in the heart of Northbridge.
They still use the IPAD as a menu and ordering device, and once again we had to resort to the waiter to finalise the order. Guess I am just not that technically minded when it comes to ordering food in a restaurant. But we got there in the end. They are not licenced but BYO is fine– and they are quick to supply glasses and the rest.

We kicked off with a dish we have tried before and enjoyed – a plate of fried prawn wontons – crisply fried with a juicy filling of mildly spiced chopped prawn flesh with a creamy mayo to dip.

And then onto the main – Szechuan crayfish – was a ripper. A very large serve of quite small crustaceans – more like gilgies than crays but juicy and sweet fleshed – cooked in a spicy mix of zesty chopped chill and ginger, spring onions and of course a good smattering of mouth numbing Szechuan pepper. A very good dish – plenty of spice and the crays were perfectly cooked, retaining crunch and flavour.

Another very enjoyable visit to Hao Szechuan – if you are after a plate of spicy food, and at great prices, with friendly and helpful service you should not go past these guys.

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